About Stamford's Green Map®
Benefits for Businesses and Organizations in Stamford
Vision for Green Map in Stamford

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About Stamford's Green Map®

Green Map® System is an international network of locally-led mapmaking projects. Using Green Map's adaptable tools and universal iconography, mapmakers have created "portraits" of their communities in over 55 countries.

As a guide for residents and tourists, a form of reference for city planning and a visual inventory of Stamford’s sustainability assets, the green map:

  • Strengthens local-global sustainability networks
  • Expands the demand for healthier, greener choices
  • Helps successful initiatives spread to even more communities

By locating "green sites" in Stamford, we can better understand our development and potential for future growth.

Benefits for Businesses and Organizations in Stamford

Stamford Green Map organizations and businesses can take advantage of free publicity associated with their presence. Copies of the map will be made available at various locations throughout the city. You can print the digital version above for your convenience. You can also share comments, photos and impacts from your site on the Open Green Map® System. Be a part of a growing movement toward local participation in green economic and social development.

Promote the efforts you have made toward sustainable practices and create a competitive market advantage over your peers. Make yourself visible to untapped potential map-users. Be at your customers’ fingertips as they use Green Map® System’s new iPhone application and in their pockets as they carry around their map.



It is our goal that the green map will inform us and the community about our sustainable assets and potential. Stamford's green map connects residents to our city, our neighborhood and our neighbors. Supporting local businesses, sharing public space and making informed decisions about services we already use promotes economic growth and positive perceptions. By visualizing various sites that encourage an awareness of our physical and social environment, the map will assist the Land Use Bureau, Planning & Zoning departments in future project decisions. Patterns of green growth in Stamford shown on the map will complement the Master Plan and Sustainability Amendment.



Erin McKenna
City of Stamford
203-977-4715 / EMcKenna@ci.stamford.ct.us

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