Clean Energy Options, ConnecticutSupporting clean energy in Connecticut is easy. Simply sign up with Connecticut Light & Power's (CL&P) Clean Energy plan, and join other Connecticut families in investing in the state's renewable energy program.

By opting for clean energy, you'll increase the amount of electricity flowing into the grid from wind and hydroelectric power plants. And you’ll help Connecticut clean up its environment.

Connecticut’s Clean Energy Plan

CL&P offers clean energy from one of two companies: Community Energy and Sterling Planet. When you sign up with one of these firms, CL&P buys electricity from them on your behalf in an amount equal to 50% or 100% of your consumption. This reduces the demand for electricity produced by conventional sources.

The utility continues to deliver electricity to you as before. You still receive one electric bill, except now your clean energy portion appears as a separate item.

Charges for clean energy are a little higher — by about 1.3 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) if you choose the 100% option, or 0.65 cents per kWh for the 50% selection. CL&P estimates that if your family uses 700 kWh of power per month and you pick the 100% plan, your monthly bill will rise by about $9 — or 30 cents a day.

Sign Up

To find out more about the Clean Energy Option and to sign up, visit CL&P or CT Clean Energy Options.