Environmental clubs in Stamford schoolsEducation and action are key elements in change. Stamford's school students have many ways to get involved in environmental activities, one being joining a school environment club.

Check the list below to see if a club exists in your school. If not feel free to create one yourself. Focus on what you can do to help make your school and community cleaner and greener.

High school courses now offer AP Environmental Science as well as a semester of Environmental Science. You may think you know the basics of “being green,” but there’s a lot more to the story and the knowledge will definitely benefit the environment and yourself in the future.

Some Stamford schools offer after-school programs that include lectures and tours of environmental education institutions such as Soundwaters.

Through these programs, you not only learn about Long Island Sound, you learn about the fundamentals that keep this ecosystem alive and how you can help conserve it.

Environmental Clubs in Stamford Public Schools

Cloonan Middle School Green Team Promote school recycling, conservation, energy efficiency.
Garden Club Maintain organic garden as part of Stamford Garden Club initiative.
Dolan Middle School Dolan Garden Club Maintain vegetable garden; prepare healthful meals - extras sold to raise funds for trip to local farm; nutrition education.
Dumpster Divers Lead school recycling effort; to participate in community clean-up in Stamford on Global Youth Service Day.
Hart Magnet Elementary School Oceanographers Hands on study of ocean life including dissection, microscope use.
Garden Club Vegetable gardening using organic methods; healthy eating.
Discovery Team Study of ecology of Long Island Sound.
LIS Naturalists Study of Long Island Sound and its watershed.
Botanists Study of plant development at Bartlett Arboretum; animals' dependency on plants; preservation of environment.
K. T. Murphy Elementary School Girls in Science Sponsored by Norwalk Maritime Center.
Soundwaters Sponsored by Soundwaters.
Newfield Elementary School Green Thumb and Nature Journaling Maintain plants and vegetable garden; record observations.
Northeast Elementary School Earth Club Recycling; butterfly garden; vegetable garden.
Rippowam Middle School The Community Service Club Electronics recycling drive; food drive; cards for Smith House residents.
Rogers International Elementary School Green Thumbs Rogers Garden Club  Beautify school grounds; rooftop organic garden; to particpate in lettuce competition sponsored by Stamford Garden Club.
Scofield Magnet Middle School Green Team Examine local environmental issues and develop activities to promote awareness.
Pollution Posse Protect animal habitats; promote recycling.
Gardening Club Planning and planting a school garden in conjunction with the Bartlett Arboretum.
Toquam Magnet Middle School Green Thumb Maintain vegetable garden and learn about food production and nurturing Earth.
Eco-Discovery Sponsored by Stamford Museum and Nature Center. Explore environment and ways kids can make healthy homes.
Biologists Series Sponsored by Bruce Museum. Hands on observation of live animals and how they adapt to their environments.
Westhill High School Environment Heroes Club Promote school recycling, double-sided copies, etc. Clean-ups around Stamford; volunteer at Nature Center.
Westover Magnet Elementary School Gardening Club Plant flower beds; grow vegetables to donate to homeless shelter.