Checklist - Sustainable Stamford, CTEach week recycling is picked up at each school. Every toter bin is counted and the number of bins in your school is compared to all the Stamford Public Schools.

Check the amount you recycle and see what you can do to increase your school’s recycling rate.

And remember, there is more to making your school green besides recycling. There are a few simple steps you could take to make your classroom more eco-friendly. Encourage your teachers to follow these simple steps:

Minimize the amount of paper you use

  • Take advantage of  the blackboard/dry erase board/smart-board/overhead instead of printing handouts.
  • Use sources like instead of having students print out assignments.
  • Copy on both sides of the paper.
  • Reduce documents to fit onto one page instead of two.
  • Find alternatives to mail by using email, voice mail, and fax transmissions whenever possible.
  • Reuse paper whenever possible for students to use for notes or other purposes.


Recycling is now easier than ever!

  • Put all your recyclable items -- paper, milk and juice cartons, bottles -- in THE SAME bin.
  • Utilize paper recycling boxes in your classroom and when they get full, empty them in the big bin found in each department room.

Conserve Energy

  • Turn off all unnecessary lights especially when leaving your room.
  • Unplug unnecessary appliances and devices. They waste energy even when they are not in use.
  • Keep windows closed to conserve heat/air conditioning.